DR2ØMVP - 20 Jahre Distrikt Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Every QSO will confirmed automatically twice.

EQSLs will uploaded by www.eqsl.cc after reveice of the operator's log.
They are avaible for the DCL sytem of DARC.

Traditional QSLs (paper-cards) become central after ending of the activity period
with the dates prints for all QSOs and about the bureaus till March, 2011 sends.
Wishes for direct-QSLs can be fulfilled only from January, 2011.

Sending of paper-QSLs for DR2ØMVP and for DLØMVP in the activity week are not necessary,
nevertheless, eQSL for DR2ØMVP are expressly welcome.

Inquiries and information please to dr20mvp@darc.de or to the management
DL3KWF - Hardy Zenker Kotkaring 1 17493 Greifswald Germany

All paper-QSLs are on the way to the QSL bureau (01/11/2011)


Last upload of the QSO data: 2010/12/31

Paper-QSL  -  front and back

Text of the back:

The district Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MVP) of the DARC commits the 20-th anniversary of its foundation together with all radio amateurs of the world.

The district MVP originated from the GDR districts Rostock, Schwerin und Neubrandenburg. It was founded in the 10/27/1990 and has 609 members who are organised in 27 local clubs. Nationally and internationally the district is known by DX expeditions of its members, e.g., DL2NUD, DL2SWW, DL3KWF, DL3KWR, DL9GFB, DL9GRE, by contest teams, e.g., DD5A, DF5A, DLØVV, DM3C and DQ1V as well as by the training centre DLØPAS in Plau (DL1SYL, DM4DB).



updated: 2013-12-13